10 Best Wood Lathe Reviews (Updated 2018)

Have you ever wondered how small, complex metal components are shaped and cut? The lathe has a sliding headstock which turns a full 360 degrees, and has 7 positions for locking, so you can be comfortable while using the lathe and you can use larger pieces of wood if you want to. There is also a lathe for the money variable speed range between 400 to 3000rpm, which is shown on a clear digital display to give you control over your turning.

Another option was the Grizzly G0602 bench top metal lathe One buyer we spoke to who is a DIY machinist hobbyist was in the market for a small benchtop miniature metal lathe that would enable him to turn relatively small-sized projects with adequate precision.

It is one of those tools that you don’t use all the time, but that will come in extremely handy when you do. Eventually I would like to get a bigger lathe like a South bend tool room lathe, but this was a good little starter lathe to see if I really needed it. Also remember that once you start getting into it that tooling will start to add up. A machinist friend pointed out that it is good to look for sales or auctions that come with tooling.

You definitely don’t want to spend a lot of your time and money trying to get started just to find out that you’ve chosen the wrong lathe for the type of work that you want to do. Keep in mind that your personal preference and projects are the most important thing to consider.

In addition, they perform tasks that are of little use to small time DIY enthusiasts and skilled craftsmen like jewelers and locksmiths, who require a machine that can work small parts and don’t require the precision and exactitude of larger machine room lathes.

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