Halloween Quiz Games for Kids


Halloween! The event name itself conveys to the mind spirits, devils, beasts, graves, bats and all that is terrifying for anyone. Isn’t that right? Let us come and enter the dim and secretive universe of Halloween with us. We should attempt to unravel the incredibleand mind blowing puzzles and games that appear to be related with this weird tradition.How well do you know about this brilliant event celebration? Take our trivia quiz test and discover how, when and why Halloween is commended. Think about Halloween, its history, and how the celebration came into exercise as it is today. One of the more mainstream exercises that are held amid this time is the Halloween tests. These tests, it has been seen, have a wide stage for playing out.Children love Halloween, and is there any valid reason why they would not? The outfits, the sweet… it’s a special occasion which is particularly customized for kids. What better approach to invest energy in Halloween than connecting with children’s mind approach with a fun Halloween quiz?

  1. Which large sized fruit is associated with the Scary event of Halloween?
  • Orange
  • Pumpkin
  • Melon
  • Apple
  1. What day is Halloween?
  • 1st Nov
  • 31st Nov
  • 1st Oct
  • 31st Oct
  • 31st Sep
  1. Where does Halloween come from?
  • Ireland & Scotland
  • England & Scotland
  • America & Scotland
  1. Who first started celebration of Halloween?
  • Red Indians
  • Americans
  • Romans
  • Druids
  1. Why do people wear scary outfits on the day of Halloween?
  • To hide from evil spirits and ghosts
  • To scare always ghosts and evil spirits
  • To scare away surrounding people
  1. For Romans, who was Pomona, associated with Halloween?
  • Goddess of Ghosts and evil spirits
  • Goddess of fruits
  • Goddess of fruits Gardens
  1. What does the word Halloween linked with?
  • Hallow queen
  • Ghosts
  • Hallow Eyes
  • Hallow Face
  • All Hallow Eve
  1. Which activity is associated with Halloween?
  • Putting scary outfits
  • Dancing all night
  • Lighting fires
  • Playing loud music
  1. Why people put lantern outside the house on the day of Halloween?
  • To scare evil spirits
  • To invite evil spirits
  • To make light outside
  • To decorate the house
  1. How the symbolic lantern of Halloween is made?
  • Using pumpkin
  • Using melons
  • Using apples
  • Using any hallow things


Now anyone from you can enjoy the Halloween Party using these trivia quiz games for the Halloween celebration time. The inquiries and the questions are not generally simple to be utilized for games of smaller kids, yet they will make for an extremely fascinating grown-up amusement. What’s more, just a genuine enthusiast of the repulsiveness will have the capacity to get the majority of these rights. So begin playing and let the fun occasions roll.Meebily quizzes can help in facilitating the celebration time of the Halloween party of kids and elder alike.

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